What Our Customers Say?

"AutomationXpert is a perfect tool for self-learning. We are using AutomationXpert in addition to the labs. In each lab, theory must be discovered by the students and the ease of use of AutomationXpert helps them in being autonomous. For instance, the chapter on pneumatics allow students ot gain understanding through very detailled animations and explanations. AutomationXpert is used daily and is instrumental in the success of our students." -- MANUEL R. CHEVROLLIER VOCATIONAL SCHOOL


AutomationXpert provides the following Benefits


Teacher Friendly 
Use Automation Xpert out of the box or modify it to create learning scenarios that fit various learning styles.

  • the instructor can set up scenarious that allow access to different pages by selecting chapters and screens that are relevant to the learning needs of the students
  • build a learning scenario where students are guided through the content in a manner that is relevant to the program or course
  • access the content through the alphabetic index or by selecting the appropriate library



Instant Feedback  
Students get instant feedback when using Automation Xpert, enabling them to gain more skills and knowledge in less time. 

  • exercises and quizzes that tell students if they have answered correctly
  • animations that allow students to interact and try out various scenarios
  • the simulation module where students can build and test a wide variety of circuits



Create Your Own Books  
Automation Xpert’s print-on-demand feature allows you to print and assemble modules to create custom learning packs.

  • print screen shots
  • print and assemble multiple screens to make a handout
  • print and assemble multiple screens to make a course pack or book
  • unlimited printing and copying rights with a site license of AutomationXpert

Cost Effective 
Automation Xpert eliminates the need to purchase manuals, books and additional equipment.

  • no need to purchase text books or manuals
  • eliminates the need to add additional equipment
  • reduce line-ups due to a limited amount of equipment, students can now try out and learn on a computer instead of waiting for a piece of equipment to become available