What Our Customers Say?

"AutomationXpert is used daily by the first year to third year students. I like it because it is always available and is very useful as a support tool thanks to it's structure and numerous animations, from the theory room to the lab. Installed on the college network, it is accessible from anywhere in the college at any given time. AutomationXpert is the only software that I know of that can be used by anyone without having to spend hours teaching how to use it. Many thanks to the creators." -- DANIEL C. BLAISE PASCAL COLLEGE

Cool Features


AutomationXpert comes with a print feature that will any screen to be printed. Create Lessons Notes, Booklets and Documentation. This powerful feature gives you the control to produce any information packet you need.


Access Manager

The Access Manager give the instructor the control to set access to content that is relevant to specific classes and programs.

In addition the instructor can build learning scenarios, where students will be directed to navigate through content in a specific order.




Dynamic Index and History

An alphabatic index gives the user instant access to the extensive content of the software. In addition, the History feature lists all the pages visited in the current session and makes it easy to go back to content quickly and efficiently.



The search tool allows you to type in a word get all the topics relating to that word.


AutomationXpert is live and updatable software! Software updates will include additional components as they become available in addition to new animations and instructional material.