What Our Customers Say?

"AutomationXpert is a perfect tool for self-learning. We are using AutomationXpert in addition to the labs. In each lab, theory must be discovered by the students and the ease of use of AutomationXpert helps them in being autonomous. For instance, the chapter on pneumatics allow students ot gain understanding through very detailled animations and explanations. AutomationXpert is used daily and is instrumental in the success of our students." -- MANUEL R. CHEVROLLIER VOCATIONAL SCHOOL

AutomationXpert Product Overview



AutomationXpert is an interactive database of information covering 4 libraries:

  • Pneumatics
  • Hydraulics
  • Electricity
  • Controllers

Used as a teaching tool by the instructor or as a learning tool by the students, AutomationXpert’s  learning libraries allow users to access over 1100 pages of information. The benefits include:

  1. Teacher Friendly
    Use AutomationXpert out of the box or modify it to create learning scenarios that fit various learning styles.
  2. Instant Feedback
    Students get instant feedback when using AutomationXpert, enabling them to gain more skills and knowledge in less time.
  3. Create Your Own Books 
    AutomationXpert’s print-on-demand feature allows you to print and assemble modules to create custom learning packs.
  4. Cost Effective
    AutomationXpert eliminates the need to purchase manuals, books and additional equipment.

A BONUS feature of AutomationXpert is it's Simulator Module that includes a series of simulated circuits,  2 speed motor drives and their various configurations and the option to create and test your own circuits.

"AutomationXpert is available as a Site Licence and can be utilized in a Single Class, by the Entire School/Campus, by students taking an Online Course or all of the above."